The 2022 Poster Art and 20th Anniversary Challenge

In 2001, Founder and Executive Director, Patty Gregory, asked Gary Karasek to develop a poster depicting the art fair’s layout. For the first Art on the Square poster, he developed a bird’s eye view depicting the artists’ tents and the colorful festivities, taking place around the Belleville Square. This poster was re-released in 2010.

Each year, an artist is selected to execute an original artwork that typically features the beautiful fountain and the activities at the fair. For the 20th Anniversary, Gary Karasek, has used his professional background, as architect and artist, to create this year’s artwork for the poster.

The oil painting’s vantage point is looking straight down at the landmark Veteran’s Memorial Fountain and the Belleville Square. The art style is semi-abstract, using intense colors and light, which defines the geometric building shapes, linear cross streets, nature and water elements and hints of the artists’ tents and people celebrating the well attended event and nationally recognized art gathering.

An additional activity available this year, is a challenge for participates. The QR Code/Website includes a list of 20 questions based on the poster art, the environs and a general request to “see as an artist,” a quote from Gary’s artist father, Ed Karasek. Enjoy all the wonderful artwork and take time to look at the beautiful Belleville Square in new ways, as you discover answers to the questions.

– Gary Karasek, Artist

Special thanks to Mary & David Lonski and Ann Karasek for their help with the questions and answers.

Art on the Square Challenge  20 years… 20 questions:

Welcome to your Art on the Square 2020 Poster Challenge

North on the poster is:

On the poster, the color of City Hall is:

The Belleville Square is:

How many fountains are located on the square?

Artists' tents are located on the following streets except:

How many stories can you see on the St Clair County Courthouse?

The current Courthouse was built in 1976 after tearing down?

The memorial fountain is dedicated to?

The reflecting building on the square is?

It appears that the poster depicts, the streets around the square are made of?

On the Walk of Fame plaques, which is not a true star?

Facing north; in the center of the square you will?

The Childrens’ area provides artistic opportunities for families:

On the poster, the fountain is in the square:

Which school subject(s) does this poster depict:

What is inscribed on one of the clock panels:

Veterans’ Memorial walls are located on the:

This year’s High School Show is located:

Art on Square building:


Friday 4 - 9 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday 11a.m. – 5 p.m.