Art On the Square Artist Awards 

Best of Show – $5,000                                        Mark & Carol Reynolds – Fine Craft (Invitation to 2025)

Best of Category – $1,500

Ceramics                                               Andy Smith

Digital/Graphic Design                           Shawn Harris

Drawing/Printmaking                            Richard Wilson

Fine Craft                                              Samuel Yao

Glass                                                    Scott Hartley

Jewelry                                                 Carlos Montanaro (Invitation to 2024)

Mixed Media                                        Allison Norfleet Bruenger

Painting                                                George Ceffalio

Photography                                         Lijah Hanley

Sculpture                                              Seth Vandable

Wood                                                   Matthew Hatala (Invitation to 2024)

Award of Excellence (non specific to category) – $500

Melissa Helene Bossenbroek                 Drawing/Printmaking

Gloria McRoberts                                  Sculpture

Bob Stern                                             Mixed Media

Andy Rogers                                        Ceramics

Michael Bond                                        Drawing/Printmaking

Taylor Mazer                                         Drawing/Printmaking

Gabby Hanley                                       Photography

Paul Lambrecht                                     Wood

Barb King Jewelry Award – $500                         Barbara Umbel

Memorial/BJC Purchase Award – $2,500             Amy & Jeff Dallas – Mixed Media

Ed & Helen Karasek Purchase Award – $1,500     Mays Mayhew – Drawing/Printmaking

Joan Voss Renner Purchase Award – $1,500        Kelsey Merkle – Drawing/Printmaking

AOTS Committee Purchase Award – $1,000         Emily Sekerak – Drawing/Printmaking

This year’s judges included: Nicole Shanks, Tori Sacco, Nicole Dutton, Melody Evans