Artist Information & Rules

2020 ART ON THE SQUARE – May 15th, 16th and 17th

Call for Entry Opens: August 20, 2019

Call for Entry Deadline: December 22, 2019

Jury Results Emailed: January 20, 2020


Art on the Square is a juried fine arts festival presenting the work of approximately 105 artists which takes place on the Public Square in Belleville, IL in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

The show has been in the top 1% of art fairs since its inception in 2002 and is known for its innovative Art Cash program which exceeded $120,000 in guaranteed sales in 2019.  In addition, Art on the Square offers $30,500 in awards including Best of Show ($4000), 4 named awards of $500 to $2000, 11 Best of Category awards ($1500) and 11 awards of excellence($500 each).

Artists have direct booth access for set-up and loading.  Twenty-four hour security is provided by the Belleville Police. Artists receive complimentary meals, snacks and water delivered to the booth throughout the weekend. Other refreshments are also available at the Artist Hospitality Center. Booth sitters and bathroom facilities are available.

Strong average attendance of over 75,000 visitors, regional advertising worth more than $600,000 and a reputation for great hospitality provide artists with an outstanding opportunity for success.

Art on the Square is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by an all-volunteer executive board with the assistance of hundreds of community volunteers who work to make the show a success.  Any proceeds from the fair are used to promote the arts in southwestern Illinois and to support individual programs and community outreach sponsored by the Art on the Square Foundation.


Online applications can be accessed at beginning August 20, 2019.  Applications close at midnight CST on December 22, 2019.

Each application submitted to the jury must include payment of the $40 non-refundable jury fee.  Payment can be made at the time of application using the available PayPal button or by check to “Art on the Square,” at PO Box 23561, Belleville, IL, 62223.

Art on the Square uses EntryThingy to process entries.  If you are new to EntryThingy, it is strongly suggested that you visit for a very helpful video on applying.  If you have used EntryThingy before, you can reuse your previously uploaded images if they’re current or provide new images for the 2020 application.


Entries should be made using the artist’s name or, if a working collaboration, the artists’ names and not a business/partnership name.  Cell phone numbers should be used as the main contact number.

Each entry requires 4 uploaded images of current work and 1 image of the display booth.

If you wish to enter in more than one category, you must complete a second online application with an additional jury fee.  Images of the same work cannot be used for more than one category.

Each entry requires an artist’s statement explaining the creative process including specific information about technique and materials.

Collaborative works must be submitted as a joint application with each artist’s name listed on the entry and, if selected, both artists must attend the show.

Each artist must use a 10′ x 10′ white tent for display and provide the appropriate lighting.

If invited to show, booth fees range from $400 to $700 depending on location.


Art on the Square is open to all artists 18 years of age or older. Artwork must be original in design. Production must be by the hand of the artist(s) or using the appropriate tools of the medium.  Work to be juried and/exhibited must have been created in the last 5 years.

Reproductions and prints must be signed by the creating artist.  Only limited edition prints of no more than 250 made from the original source, hand-pulled, signed and numbered by the artist will be allowed.  Artists must disclose their creative and printing process in the artist’s statement to be displayed in the booth.

Reproductions including giclee prints are allowed, but must not comprise more than 10% of the art for sale and must be signed, numbered and matted.

All reproductions must be clearly marked “reproduction” on labels and display signs and must be kept in a bin within the designated booth space.


  • Items that are mass-produced, made in “workrooms” or factories, machine-made from molds, pre-fab forms, patterns or from commercial kits are not allowed.
  • Artwork made from or including materials or parts derived from the killing of endangered species (exotic leathers, feathers, ivory tusks of elephant or mammoth), dried/silk flower arrangements, bonsai or commercially made objects are ineligible.
  • Artists may not sell factory- produced items including but not limited to commercial clothing, candles, T-shirts or soap.
  • Artists may not sell mass-produced, high-volume objects derived from their work including but not limited to postcards, calendars, posters or magnets.   Limited production or hand-made items such as note cards, books and journals will be permitted at the discretion of Art on the Square.


  1. Save your JPEG images at a minimum of 1920 pixels at the longest dimension.
  2. A 1920 X 1920 square pixels format with a black border is acceptable.
  3. JPEG file size should be approximately 2 megabytes.
  4. For the most accurate representation and, if your image editing program supports it, save in the sRGB color space.
  5. This is a blind selection process.  No reference to the artist, the name of the work or price should be seen on the images.
  6. It is important that the booth image be an accurate representation of the booth as it would be seen at the fair.  Showing only one corner or just a panel or two is not acceptable.  If no panels or walls are used, the jurors must see the entire space from corner to corner.
  7. Artists are strongly encouraged to obtain professional photography of the work to ensure the best representation possible.


CERAMICS – Work produced from clay, earthenware, stoneware, terra cotta or porcelain
DIGITAL/GRAPHIC DESIGN – Images made with the primary assistance of a computer and/or featuring technological components such as a mouse, programs or tablets.  Printed works in this category must be processed under the artist’s direct supervision, printed in limited editions of no more than 250 on archival paper, have the print media identified, and be signed and numbered by the artist.  Artists must disclose their creative and printing process at the time of application and have a description on display in their booth.
DRAWING/PRINTMAKING – The drawing category includes works created using dry media such as charcoal, crayons, chalk, graphite, pastels, pencils, ink or markers.  The printmaking category is for images that are hand-pulled from stones, plates, glass or screened surfaces using a printing process, roller or hand brayer.  All prints must be properly signed and limited to editions of no more than 250.  Artists must disclose their creative and printing process at the time of application and have a description on display in their booth.
FINE CRAFT – 2D or 3D work made from a variety of materials including but not exclusive to fibers, paper, glass beads, stones, found objects, clay, acrylic and leather.  These materials may be manipulated in a variety of methods including but not exclusive to quilting, casting, collage, basketry, embroidery, sewing, bookmaking, jewelry and batik to create functional and non-functional objects.
GLASS – Functional and/or sculptural objects created by blowing, kiln, casting or molding method as well as all cold processes
JEWELRY – Objects created with the intent to be worn as ornamentation by fabricating various materials including gems, fine metals and semi-precious stones
MIXED MEDIA – 2D or 3D objects that combine various visual arts media — for example, a work on canvas that combines paint, ink and collage.
PAINTING – Work produced on a flat surface using the media of acrylic, gouache, oil, tempera or watercolor paint.
PHOTOGRAPHY (film or digital) – Works produced with the primary use of a camera to capture an original. Though some images are modified using digital media or production materials, all prints are considered reproductions of the original.  Therefore, Art on the Square requires that all photographic prints be limited to editions of no more than 250.  These prints must be processed under the direct supervision of the artist and must be made from the artist’s original file or digital media.  Each print must be hand-numbered and signed by the artist and clearly visible on the front surface of the image whether it is printed on archival paper, canvas, metal, wood, clay or any other picture plane.

Prints which have been manipulated or treated as a painted surface must be clearly labeled as “Artist Manipulated Photograph.”  This includes but is not limited to prints  which have been varnished, textured or coated in any way.  These prints must also be hand-numbered and signed by the artist on the front surface of the image and clearly visible when matted, framed or mounted.
SCULPTURE — 3D work created by the artist in any medium
WOOD – Original works made from wood that are hand-tooled, machine worked, turned or carved


Independent jury panels will score each entry based on close consideration of the uploaded images.  This is a blind jury process so it is imperative that these images show no identifying signs or information.

Approximately 105 artists will be invited to participate in Art on the Square.  Approximately, 10% of these may be exempt from jury selection.

Art on the Square reserves the right to review the jurors’ decisions.


Jury results will be emailed to each entrant on January 20, 2020.  Look for an email from with a subject line of ART ON THE SQUARE RESULTS.

All jury scores are confidential and will not be available on EntryThingy or through Art on the Square.  Very limited administrative assistance makes it impossible to provide feedback or discuss individual entries or jury scores.


By submitting an application to Art on the Square, it is understood that all information and rules have been read and that the applying artist agrees to abide by these rules.  In addition, by such submission the artist warrants that the works submitted for jurying were produced solely by the artist or in collaboration with any named co-artist. The applicant also accepts and acknowledges that Art on the Square has the right to make the final interpretation of any of these rules and understands that any violation of these rules can be a cause for denial of the application and forfeiture of any jury fees.


For help with EntryThingy, go to for an informative video or contact for assistance.  For general Art on the Square questions, contact us at: 


CLICK HERE to signify agreement with the rules and to apply for Art on the Square 2020.

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