2021 Fine Craft Artists

Kristin Gereau

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Because I’m drawn to great color and texture, each wearable accessory is designed to have a three dimensional quality when worn. All my wearables are knit using hand manipulated techniques on a knitting loom. Each accessory is an original design using premium, eco-friendly, fibers such as Merino Wool, Silk, Bamboo, and Tencel.

Phillip Hall

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I make all of my pieces using metals and plastics cut and carved from raw materials. plastics include acrylic and delrin. metals include silver, gold, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze and steel. I make eace piece one at a time by fabricating. all of my work is abstract.

Jon and Patricia Hecker

Bloomington, Indiana

Handmade wooden story boxes, vessels and beaded curtains embellished with iconic images of modern culture.

Rebecca Hungerford

St. Joseph, Michigan

Fortunately, my art has changed over 39 years, but the singular constant is my love of working pewter. I’ve left traditional shapes behind and always allowed the inherent warmth and tactile qualities of this alloy guide my designs. I’ve explored every method of forming: spinning, casting, hammering fabricating. My expressions are whimsical and animated, often drawing inspiration from nature.

Sylvester Robinson

Chicago, Illinois

Leather is formed around and or into wood blocks that are hand carved with unique abstract designs or faces and then made into handbags. The design inspiration comes from art, culture and nature.

Each handbag is one of a kind in color combinations and individually signed.

Samuel Yao

Ann Harbor, Michigan

All my sculptural baskets are uniquely designed and hand woven with material from palm trees. The palm seed fronds and the inflorescence of palm trees have wonderful shape and texture, making them beautifully suited for baskets, as well as creating the exquisite basket art that you see.

Sandra Zak

St. Louis, Missouri

My pottery reflects both the practical and creative sides of my personality, contrasting strong utilitarian forms with designs, lines and patterns that complement the spontaneous nature of clay. I have been exploring the use of smooth, rich and colorful glazes to emphasize, rather than conceal, the rough and earthy nature of clay.