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High School Sculpture in the City 



High School Sculpture In The City Challenge

Sculpture Artist Kent Epler is Teaming Up With Students At Althoff Catholic High School To Create A Unique Piece For The City

The law firm of Mathis, Marifian and Richter Ltd. has sponsored Art on the Square’s High School Sculpture in the City program for ten years now. “Our firm is very proud of this program and how it has evolved over the years. It has given us an opportunity to give to the students, their schools and our community,” Pat Mathis said.

Numerous sculptures have been added to the City of Belleville’s collection because of this sponsorship and the students of Belleville West, East, Althoff and Governor French have been given the unique experience of creating sculpture under the direction of a contemporary sculptor. 

About Kent Epler

I am a fourth-generation Montanan with a background in fine arts and design, including interior design and children’s theater.

Because of my background in scene and costume design, manipulating fabrics and found objects into sculptures comes second nature to me. They are each a piece of theatre and inspiration can come from anywhere. A name, a piece of fabric, or a discarded brooch can be the basis of a character.

Next the skeleton is roughed out of electrical wire, stuffing, and wooden dowels. Bits and snatches of fiber, fabric and accessories are pulled together on a story board. Bit by bit the costume is fitted to the character and sometimes the body is fitted to the costume.

Next I start the rehearsal process, with posing the character into his or her stance, adding a piece of jewelry, changing a hat, scuffing a boot. Last their face is created, hair and makeup applied appropriate to this new character.

Each one has its own voice, its own story. Only from my patterns and designs can these characters come to life.

I will work with each artist to create a sculpture.   We will be creating a flock of birds.  They will follow elements that I have developed.  Each one will be different, but similar in size.  We will work with discarded or lost materials.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  It’s gonna be a party!

Check out my web site:  www.thelaughingboy.com

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