2021 Artists

In Memory of Don Nedobeck

Original work shown by Elizabeth Nedobeck

Husband, father, grandfather, artist, musician, author, daydreamer, pathological optimist and kind soul. A man of devout Catholic faith. Born to an immigrant Ukrainian Jewish father and a Polish Catholic mother Nedobeck was influenced by and proud of his heritage.

A graduate of Pulaski HS, Nedobeck attended Marquette University and UWM. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and graduated from the Naval School of Music. Nedobeck was assigned to the 7th Fleet Band. It was during this period when Don met the love of his life, Elizabeth, in Washington D.C.

For the past 7 decades, his mission in life was providing for his family and just as importantly, using his talents to bring joy. If one’s success can be measured by the amount of joy they bring, then Don was the richest man in the world.