2020 Mixed Media Artists

Natalie Avondet

 Manchester, Missouri

Acrylic, glaze, solvents, metal composite sheeting, polymetric compound, canvas. Alcohol ink/Acrylic is applied, creating vibrant colors. Opaque washes and acrylic are then layered with handmade flexible steal and removed to reveal the color underneath. Mixed media approached as painting, emphasizing contrast and texture to push the unexpected boundaries of the media, exploring its ability to enchant, excite and/or calm.

Sandi Garris

State College, Pennsylvania

Being an avid traveler and scuba diver, I find inspiration in all forms of nature, from sea life to rain forests. While drawing, I work to capture my emotional memory of a visual experience, rather than a literal rendering of the scene. The result is a unique illustrative image that plays with the boundaries of reality.

Dawn LaGrave

Liberty, Missouri 

I create dimensional kaleidoscope wall art from my own original photos of buildings, landmarks and botanicals. After digitally manipulating the photo, I print the kaleidoscope image several times, cut different elements from each copy, and layer the pieces with foam core between the layers to create a 3D effect. They are then framed in shadow boxes and are ready to hang.

Shara Oliman

Aurora, Colorado

My mixed media collage work is a personal expression that represents my journey and often becomes part of the journey of those who are drawn to it. Creating this work provides me with a way to channel my impressions and emotions of the world into physical form. It is incredibly fulfilling for me to learn how my work inspires its observers. My work may appear as painting when viewed from a distance, and often provides an element of surprise as viewers step closer and realize they are viewing paper collage.

Armando Pedroso

Chicago, Illinois

My artistic career had unconventional beginnings, after September 11, 2001 I was laid off from my corporate sales job of 18 years. It was at that time I ‘thought’ I heard a voice within myself literally that told me to paint. Strange as the voice was, as I had never painted before, but I listened and gave over all my future corporate energies to make a bold move and pursue being a self taught artist.

Randall Reimer

Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Attracted to steel because of its strength and permanence, I have learned to transform the material into objects of beauty and longevity. The work is characterized by crisp, clean lines and precise forms. Inspiration from the great Architects who have challenged convention is evident. The focus is fresh classicism which rejects the trends and will transcend into timelessness.

Suzy Scarborough

Columbia, South Carolina

I find a tranquil and quiet place inside myself to begin making art. Then, I progress by a sort of ‘conversation’ between my brush, and the painting. Words are inadequate to describe the inner reality or intuition or ‘knowing’ I use to compose a painting.

Marc Zoschke

Springfield, Illinois

Our main business has been fine art/sculptural jewelry. As our style & work evolved, we have taken those ideas and have transformed them into wall sculpture. Each piece is hand crafted by us. From the initial design, to the glass creation, wood work, painting, and metal fabrication.