2021 Photography Artists

Michael Behr

Minneapolis, Minnesota

My goal as a photographer is for the viewer to feel as I did when I was standing there taking the photograph. To be able to transport them to that place and time. I do this with Canon professional photographic equipment, an array of lenses, and Lee filters that attach to the front of my camera lens to control the light. It is all taken with natural and available lighting. The photographs are taken in RAW format and need to be processed digitally in order to prepare them for print. However, it is my goal to capture the image so that there is minimal digital work needed before a print is made.

Andrew Butler

Santa Cruz, California

I am a traditional photographer using film and a manual camera and also printing in the darkroom when possible.I do not enhance or alter any of my work,everything is as it as when I captured the image.

I strive to present to world as I see it but in a style that is original and graphic. Unique cultures in real settings presented in vivid, surreal color.

Michael Chen

New York, New York

My philosophy towards my work can be summarized by Buddha’s wisdom, ‘Your work is to discover your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it.’ My mission is to use my lens to capture the beauty of the landscapes and the cultures of the world, particularly Southeast Asia, and to cultivate appreciation to as many audiences as possible.

Karin Connolly

Orlando, Florida

I am a fine art photographer who likes images that push the boundries of nature a bit and create a warm dreamlike emotion for the viewer. Some of my images are shot as infrared photos, then hand colored & merged together with multiple images to create a peaceful and serene kind of landscape.

Cali Hobgood

Urbana, Illinois

Photographs printed and developed from the artist’s negatives on black and white photographic paper in a traditional silver-process darkroom then painted, using oils.

William Lemke

Waukesha, Wisconsin 

My interest in landscapes began with the many trips I took with my family growing up in the 1960’s; typically trips out west. Through these trips, I developed a great appreciation for the beauty offered in unique plants, water and rock formations. While in high school, I took my first graphic arts class which included a unit on photography. This class forever changed my life; I knew my career and my life would be spent making photographs. I went on to study photography first formally, then informally while I gained experience in both fine art and commercial photography.

Matthew Platz

Chippewa Lake, Ohio

Most people are missing it…all of the incredible little “understated” miracles going on all around them.

My hopes are that my simple images of rural farm life will help them realize this and in turn, get them to slow down and take the time to appreciate Earth and God.

Daniel Powers

Dayton, Ohio

The great cities and countrysides are bathed in rain, fog, mist and twilight. Solitary figures walk through empty streets absorbed in thoughts not meant for us. The intimacy of these photographs takes familiar scenes and transforms them into an emotional landscape. A place to linger and enjoy the peace of a rainy day. It is the romance of solitude and the romance of melancholy.

Katie & Chris Robleski

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With a love of both road trips and Americana, we found a way to create art in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, for people who simply want something different to hang on their walls. We travel all over the country to find these unique places. Kinda like paint on a white canvas, we use colored strobes and flashlights on a black one. No need for computer trickery here! We also don’t really give a big whoop about camera nerdery. Long exposure photography is simply the tool to capture this work. The REAL art happens beyond the camera, and the REAL story is told as we literally shed light on these magical places that have long since been forgotten.

John Scanlan

Glenwood, Iowa

For over 40 years, I have been chasing the light around the world. My goal is to put the viewer in a very special place at a very special moment in time using natural ambient light. I print my work on photographic papers, and dye sublimation on Aluminum.

Kristin Schillaci

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The photographs in ‘Just Passing Thru’ are deceptive. Initially you are welcomed in by vibrant color and familiar imagery. Looking closer reveals a melancholy solitude. I am drawn to these images because of their mystery. I am fascinated by the untold stories of these forgotten places. I have not included portraits in this series. The work is about those who might have been there, not who still remains. There are also humorous and optimistic elements to the work, offsetting the often-overbearing weight of history.

Radim Schreiber

Fairfield, Iowa

I specialize in photographing fireflies, I do not digitally manipulate my photographs. I print my photographs directly onto aluminum, or I mount archival prints onto aluminum-resin core substrate.

Jon Walton

Middleton, WI

The focus of my present work is the result of combining a passion for the fascinating intricacy of nature with my long experience with large format photography. My artistic goal is to create stunning floral and natural landscapes that give a new perspective on the familiar, making the commonplace unusual.

Scott Williams

Dallas, Texas

Slice of life global location photography, with an emphasis towards drama, beauty and uniqueness. I use the camera to explore the world and to capture a moment in time that has some significance for me. My images are the result of anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days of waiting for the right circumstances.