Welcome to your Art on the Square 2020 Poster Challenge

North on the poster is:

On the poster, the color of City Hall is:

The Belleville Square is:

How many fountains are located on the square?

Artists' tents are located on the following streets except:

How many stories can you see on the St Clair County Courthouse?

The current Courthouse was built in 1976 after tearing down?

The memorial fountain is dedicated to?

The reflecting building on the square is?

It appears that the poster depicts, the streets around the square are made of?

On the Walk of Fame plaques, which is not a true star?

Facing north; in the center of the square you will?

The Childrens’ area provides artistic opportunities for families:

On the poster, the fountain is in the square:

Which school subject(s) does this poster depict:

What is inscribed on one of the clock panels:

Veterans’ Memorial walls are located on the:

This year’s High School Show is located:

Art on Square building: