2021 Sculpture Artists

Andrew Carson

Seattle, Washington

All of the mixed processes are completed by myself. I combine Hot Glass and Kiln cast glass pieces with fabricated bronze. Many of my connections are cold, with a variety of exotic fasteners and screws. While the processes are varied, including hammered copper and flame cut metals, each is utilized only to complete a vision. I draw each piece out extensively ahead of time and work the parts one at a time. 

Kent Epler

New Albany, Indiana

I am a fourth-generation Montanan with a background in fine arts and design, including interior design and children’s theater. Because of my background in scene and costume design, manipulating fabrics and found objects into sculptures comes second nature to me. They are each a piece of theatre and inspiration can come from anywhere. A name, a piece of fabric, or a discarded brooch can be the basis of a character.

Will Grant

Bradenton, Florida

Will Grant was born in Montclair, NJ in 1969 and as a young child moved to Palm Springs, CA with his family where he grew up. He studied ceramics in high school and then furthered his education while attending College of the Desert in Palm Springs, CA.

James LaCasse

Denver, Colorado

My work strives, through the medium of bronze, glass and stainless steel, to transform the ‘boundless world of imagination’ into something tactile and expressive. An admiration for classical and contemporary artwork combined with extensive knowledge in anatomy, metal fabrication and the foundry arts (mold making, waxes, casting, welding, metal finishing and patination) allow me to physically illuminate my thoughts.