2021 Wood Artists

Jeff Easley

Parnell, Iowa

Combining high standards of craftsmanship with refined designs and the beauty of wood, I continue to provide art furniture and abstract wall sculptures to an appreciative audience.

John Mascoll

Saftey Harbor, Florida

My works explore the seemingly infinite variety of shapes and forms that allow the natural beauty of the wood to be reflected aesthetically in the vessels I create. With 30 years? experience in woodturning and a lifetime of working with wood (my father was a carpenter and boat builder) I discovered, that ?the natural beauty of the wood? represented only one component of creative expression.

Mark Waninger

Jamestown, IN

Woodturning allows me to express my own distinct style in each piece, often using boards or blanks salvaged from downed trees. Through hand-carvings, applied textures and vibrant colors, each piece is meticulously detailed and finished inside and out, top to bottom.