2021 Ceramic Artists

Aaron Ashcraft

Salt Lake City, Utah

 Stoneware Pottery made from a dark brown iron bearing clay is often brushed with white slip clay, creating a complex interaction when fired in the kiln.

Many of the soft clay forms are manipulated off the wheel, sometimes heavily manipulated. Paddle marks and wire cut details create greater visual texture. Elegant glazes and ash enhance the shape of each piece resulting in forms that are interpretive and subtle.

It’s all about creating a dense combination of textures, glazes and colors that enhance form and make the viewer look closer, spending some time to really understand what’s going on.

In the end, it’s important to note that the kilns have the final say on the composition, often providing some unexpected results.

Paul Jeselskis

Michigan City, Indiana

Paul first forms his work on a potter’s wheel and then carves and manipulates the surfaces. The carving is spontaneous and unconscious, similar to abstract expressionist painting. This provides aa clear contrast to the controlled methods of glazing. The glazing process captures and contains the loose gesture of the carving, creating a pleasing visual tension within the piece. Several methods are used in the glazing process. These include dipping, spraying and airbrushing with a variety of bright colorful glazes that are easy on the eye and durable. Paul fires his work in the kilns that he built. These include gas and electric.

Rebecca Lowery

Bloomington, Indiana

Clay is a amorphourus material that takes the shape of the space that it inhabits. Clay may then take the shape of anything in nature and imagination. It is this ability to become anything that  makes clay an exciting material to work with. There are no limits to the possibility of what forms the clay may take.

Tim Peters

Winter Haven, Florida.

Tim Peters Studio creates art that supports 5 dogs, 8 cats,6 parrots, 10 koi and a very extensive garden. The vessels and plates are exquisitely carved into the porcelain creations. When you visit Tim’s booth, you will see how creative Tim is, and don’t forget to ask him about Pet Porcelain Tile Portraits.

Gregg Rasmusson

Overland, MO

Gregg Rasmusson is a professional ceramicist living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. Looking to both nature and the man made world for inspiration, his combination of clean bold designs of the modern era and everyday objects sets himself apart from the rest. He also likes to draw on the subtle simplicity of nature. The way that nature enacts systematic yet slightly imperfect symmetry into living things. Even though he does make the designs for his pieces, he wants them to look natural, as if they are part of the piece. Working within the confines of traditional pottery forms, like a jar or vase, but at the same time pushing the boundaries of design. This helps keep the work relatable yet exciting at the same time.

Timothy Sullivan

Marietta, Georgia

Since 2001, I have shown in over 200 shows across the country while winning many awards. I received my BFA from Carnegie-Mellon with a degree in painting and ceramics in 1972, and my MFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 1973 with degrees in ceramics and sculpture.